The Iron Man War Machine Suit Cosplay Scored High For Its Realistic Touch

Iron Man fans will now feel lucky to meet the War Machine himself sitting, walking, talking and communicating with them and all that has been possible just because Anthony Le, a 25 year old guy have thought about it and made it happen.

Inspired by the superhero Iron Man right since his childhood, Anthony decided to design the Iron man suit when he came to know that a movie on the superhero was to be made in the year 2008. Though the first version was more like a normal suit only, the latest and the enhanced one can make your jaws drop with that every hint of Iron Man reflecting from it. Costing a starting amount of $4,000, this suit is expected to hit the market in one month’s duration.


This Iron man suit not only looks but can also let the man wearing it feel strong and tough. For giving it a strong and sturdy look and for that metallic glimpse, Anthony has used every possible thing. Right from using spinning mock Gatling gun, motorized faceplate and dent-proof exterior, every bit of thing used in this just very real robot looking suit have been used to the best.

ironman 1

For giving the helmet of the dress such a real looking shape and toughness and for getting the perfect shape he first made the mold by using clay and then gave it a finish by applying a mix of liquid resin. Later on other related things like the faceplate was added to it that automatically gets opened and shut for doing which a small servo motor is used. He has attached a pipe gun too on the right shoulder for rolling which a motor is connected. The LED lights on the faceplate and the chest-plate along with certain other things like his covered arms, armored hands and the guards on his legs; everything altogether have made this Iron Man suit truly real.

Going into the details of the making of the suit and its add-ons, Anthony has masterminded in the use of things and the utilization of the technologies. For making that real looking and advanced machine gun, he used PVC pipes and other materials. The motor of the machine gun is linked to a button hidden in his glove on pressing which the gun gets converted into a paintball shooter.

Anthony now is thinking of wearing it while he goes to watch the movie which definitely will be the best promotional act for the movie. Well, the makers of the Iron Man sequel should thank Anthony for this amazing promotion of their forthcoming movie!! Before too someone tried to make Iron Man but that didn’t look as cool as this one. Iron Man is so fascinating character that even R2-D2 has been made on its theme.

Via: Popsci