Magic Trackpad Supports Multi-Touch Gestures

Desktop computing has got easier as from now on you will get to enjoy most of the attractive features and facilities that were available with notebook computing only and the new Magic Trackpad is the name that has got enough reasons to ensure that.

Magic Trackpad

This Multi-Touch trackpad, the first one ever of its kind, costing only $69, is designed to be compatible with Mac desktop computer. It lets the users enjoy the freedom and opportunity of using their fingers for doing anything like clicking, swiping, scrolling and rotating which most of you enjoying doing with your MacBook Pro.

No need to be strangled and get trapped in all those hotspots of the wires. You will not be limited by any wire to connect the trackpad with the desktop as it is connected via Bluetooth wireless technology. Perfect, isn’t it? And now you will not have to simply sit in from of the computer and can pull the trackpad to any distance up to 33 feet from the Mac desktop. For saving power and conserving the battery for longer usages, you can keep the Magic Trackpad switched off too as it has an on/off button in it.

The Magic Trackpad relieves you from the use of the mouse as well just because it has all the four very essential features of a mouse packed in it that comprises of clicking, scrolling, swiping and rotating the contents reflected on the desktop. For each function to take place, the users are required to act accordingly.

For clicking on a particular option, the user will need to press or tap anywhere on the Multi-Touch surface. For opening an application or option, a double tap on the trackpad will do. Scrolling is just very easy with this trackpad that demands the user to use two fingers and brush these along the Multi-Touch surface to any direction he wants.

Vertically, diagonally or horizontally; whichever is the way you want, you can scroll down the page. Likewise, swiping needs you to use three fingers and simply brush left and right over the surface. This way you can move the page in any way you want, whether forward or backward. Last but not the least, for making rotating easy on this multi-touch pad, you will simply have to use your thumb and index finger on the surface. Keep the thumb still on its place and twist your index finger either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The only basic things that you will need to have for using the Magic trackpad are a Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer, Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.4 and two AA batteries to run the trackpad. So, what do you say now? Has not Mac desktop computing become more of fun with the essence of MacBook Pro packed in it?

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Via: 9to5mac