14 Hi Tech Concepts and Designs for The Visually Impaired

Gone are the days when a disability in the human body meant that the concerned person had to be a sufferer for his or her whole life. Times have changed and technology has really come a long way. Now a disability, whether by birth or accident, can be easily treated or even rectified to the fullest. Visual impairment is one disability for which there has been immense research done, to provide the sufferer with human body’s greatest sense – vision. However, in case this is not possible, technology has benefited the visually challenged with gadgets that not only assist them in their day to day activities but also make their lives extremely easy. In this particular post…here are 14 Concepts and Designs created in hopes for a brighter and more possible future.

We at Walyou understand that visual impairment is one of the saddest sufferings a person can undergo, and therefore in order to inform people about the great technologically enhanced conceptual gadgets that have been developed for the visually challenged, we have brought to you the most high-tech devices and advanced designs that would not only help the visually impaired to comprehend the world around them but also talk, walk, and behave just like any other normal person. Read on to find out how technology manifests itself to become a boon for the visually impaired.

SUAM Device

This is a great addition to the measures being taken for making the lives of the visually impaired better. SUAM or Sistema Universal de Apoyo a la Movilidad is the latest gadget that assists people with vision problems to get a picture of their surrounding by transforming the incoming signals from infrared emitters to audible messages.

Touch & Go Concept

Still thinking if a cane stick is the only tool that could help the visually impaired in navigation? If this Touch & Go Concept hits the market, the user will have access to a hi-tech hand gadget and a Bluetooth device which will give them an improved picture of the surrounding using its tactile visuals and auditory support.

Squibble Portable Braille Interface

How about a device that assists you in interacting with others? This device is just not designed for the blind but also for those who have poor eye sight. Squibble Portable Braille Interface, a new gadget concept, allows one to scan the menus and operate an interactive keyboard via the system of Braille, having a high contrast coloring feature.

Braille Language E-Book Reader

Who said that the blind can’t go techie? Looking at this concept, one can only imagine the rate of development being made in technology. This Braille E-Book or EAP, yet an idea, allows the near or completely blind to read using the Braille language. Contrary to the regular Braille books, this sleek and lightweight e-book can be carried almost everywhere.

Haptic Reader Concept

haptic braille reader concept image

This amazing Haptic Reader Concept could be a revolutionary device if it would be made. It features a tablet like scanner that scans the page of a book and in turn, creates the Braille language counterpart on the surface for reading possibilities.

Bright F

The next time you see a blind woman dressed up immaculately, don’t rack your brains hard to know how this could be possible for her to do it alone. For now, with the launch of Bright F even the blind can choose colors and fabric that would suit them. This unique device functions by converting the available information into sounds.

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Camera for the blind

Yes, you guessed it right. This camera is specially designed for those who can’t see. Are you thinking about the way this camera works? Well, there are sound clips that get recorded simultaneously when a person clicks the camera button. With this Camera, the blind can now capture images to create a beautiful memory.

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Can you imagine Braille could help those with sight disability to use a cellphone? If this Cellphone Concept is successfully launched, the blind could very well use a cellphone which is equipped with keys textured differently. Now there is no need of a screen, the lit sidebars do the needful by announcing several alert messages.


Another cellphone concept inspired from Braille is TACTILITY. Like the name suggests, this concept has a tactfully designed keyboard. Unlike their counterpart with complicated features and aesthetics, this one surprisingly comes with a single function and lets those with poor or no vision to operate a cellphone.

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Silicon iPhone Casing

Silicon iPhone Casing is something that can let the visually impaired enjoy all the different iPhone applications. (Well, why should visually impaired be devoid of such a beautiful gadget like iPhone.) When technology is progressing at such a faster pace, coming across a concept that allows the blind to have the benefit of an iPhone and also operate it is certainly not a wonder.


Now fashion is also an important aspect for the visually challenged. Those who have no vision can also choose to be trendy by using this watch which frees them from the hassles of a needle watch. This classy TACT watch concept designed by Julien Bergignat is equipped with a system whereby one can read time using special rotating circles.

B-Touch Braille Mobile Phone

Life, for the visually impaired, could not get better than this. A unique combination of blind touchscreen and a heavy duty voice recognition system is what B-Touch Braille Mobile Phone is all about. Now, communication is no longer a hassle for the visually impaired even while they are away from their families.

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Rubik’s Cube Blind Design

Solving a Rubik’s Cube can surely be fun. How about a person who can’t see solving the same? Interesting, indeed! Made up of different kinds of materials, Rubik’s Cube can now even be solved by the blinds. Though just a design, it will surely make the visually challenged stand as a strong competitor for the rest of the people.

Braille Electronic Imaging

braille imaging design for visually impaired image

With the invention made by U.S National Institute for Standards and Technology, the blind will now be able to see. Confused? Well, this Braille Electronic Imaging uses actuator to create images electronically. Now, the visually impaired will not miss out on a single expression of all those whom they meet.