iAcqua iPhone: a Conceptual Design

Is iAcqua a concept or an incredible device? At first it was an out-of-this-world concept – no wonder it is,  taking into account all its incredible features.

iAcqua with aplpe

It has impressed with the incredible possibilities it offers and by next year you’ll  find it on every desk.
Compared with iAcqua iPhone the iPod/iPhone is very boring. Just think of its transparent touch screen display, its pair of speakers and its performant built-in projector. If you think that it’s difficult to use, you’re wrong – just place it on the top slot and start tilting it to each side to access its contents. The icons cascades down that your music, videos and photos display like that of a peacefully flowing stream.

iAcqua plain

Just touch the photo you want to see, name of the song you want to listen, or the movie you want to watch. The image disappears in just a a few seconds. When the dish is full, just turn it up like a faucet. It offers an incredible display and music experience, believe me. The images are spilled on the floor. The images are the projected from the stand. In fact, when you slowly tilt the stand the images are spilled slowly to the direction you choose. You’ll be more amazed when you see how you can play with the size of the images, display larger or smaller images as you wish.

iAcqua cool

But surprises don’t stop here. Imagine that you can see the projected visualizer in full screen while spilling it on the floor. It’s a real magic!
Go back in time and try to remember those old computers that could change songs in a techno-colored vivid travel. This was the most wonderful part of listening to music on a computer, and now iAcqua iPhone is awaking this pleasure. Part iTunes commercial and part music vizualizer, this magnificent device is able to charge the Mp3 device while displaying photos and other image types in a 3D display.
iAcqua stand alone

iAcqua iPhone Dock was designed by Mac Funamizu though it hasn’t passed from the concept phase yet. But it is continuously developed, and is not likely to appear on the market until next year. In due time, you will get to see it on your desk. Just imagine how cool it would be to find it in a disco.
Anyway, after the concept presentation a lot of users are eager to have one on their hands. So, we are looking forward to working with such a wonderful device.