New Thinkpad Gadgets Designs

If you have got a ThinkPad laptop then may be very soon computing will seem to be more fun and worth-while to you and all that will be possible just in case the ThinkPad’s three most amazing yet really useful devices- the ThinkPad USB Secure Hard Drive, the ThinkPad X200Tablet Sleeve and then the ThinkPad USB Keyboard become a reality.

USB Secure Hard Drive

With the use of highly advanced technologies, these three new gadgets are designed to meet all new generation needs with an ease. The specific features of these gadgets and reasonable prices have made these good enough to steal one’s attention.

The ThinkPad USB Secure Hard Drive boasts two different storage capacities- the 160GB model and the 320GB. Pretty spacious to carry huge data, you will find storing your data in this hard drive quite secured as well. The security of the data stored in this device is ensured by the passcode system that has been pre-programmed in it and for setting and opening the passcode, it has a physical keypad too in it. The user can even maintain up to 10 user IDs in this drive and that lets just the whole family to use it and enjoy privacy of their data. Even though the hard drive seems to be bulky with all those features, this is really tiny and good enough to carry away measuring just 3 x 5-inches. It is expected to hit the market by the end of this year at a cost of $179 for the 160GB model and $219 for the 320GB.

ThinkPad X200Tablet Sleeve

The ThinkPad X200Tablet Sleeve is the next best product of this brand and truly enough; it is a perfect match for your ThinkPad X200Tablet notebook. Easy to be fixed with your notebook and protective enough to safeguard the notebook from any sort of scratch or damage; you will not even have to take the pain of removing it while you are using the notebook. With perfect durability and made of great quality material, the ThinkPad X200Tablet Sleeve is strong enough to hold any weight whether it is ThinkPad X200 Tablet with 4 Cell Li-Ion Battery or with 8 Cell Li-Ion Battery.

ThinkPad USB Keyboard

ThinkPad USB Keyboard is the third and last thing to appreciate of these three that is really useful and good to be fixed with the ThinkPad tablet notebook. The USB pointed cord of the keyboard is the notable feature of this keyboard that also has integrated TrackPoint, a red backlit buttons for keeping the volume and the microphone mute and is compatible to be used with the best OS of the time, namely, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. Costing $59 only, this USB keypad can be the handiest thing for a ThinkPad notebook user.