Have Fun Making Your Own Pacman from Cork Board

I for one consider that making your own Pacman Cork Board is useful and fun at the same time. Consider the fact that your cork board will cost only a few dollars and even make a little art piece out of it. pac man with cork

Now let’s start the work. First of all, procure some scissors, a ruler or a tape, and some markers. The materials you need are: a cork board tile or more depending on your requirement and a tape or other material that will help you to stick your board on the wall.

Time for the design. You can choose any design you want but don’t be very exigent and opt for the simpler designs. A detailed image is difficult to cut off. Try some geometric shapes because those can be cut off more easily than the round ones. Make your own template and draw your designs on the board.

tools for pac man

Let’s assume that the difficult task is done. All you should do is cut respecting the lines you drew earlier.

Your scissors will be perfect for the cutting task. If you find it easier, you can use a box cutter (of course, if you have one it will come pretty handy). The most difficult part is the ghosts’ bottom, but with little patience and some skills you will be able to manage very well.

At this level, the work is almost finished. You only need to stick your board to the wall. You can fix it with nails, or use some painter tape. If you use nails, they can tear the paint from the walls.

Pacman cuts

Also, if you want to move and transfer the cork boards to another place think at the holes that will remain behind. So, my suggestion is to use tape instead. You can use the double-sided foam that comes along the cork- board for better adhering.

Well, this is all about how to make a new cork board, but have you considered the idea of recycling your old one?

Well, if your current cork board is too old or too big for your space you can use it to get a new and funny one.
Take some cork sheet, some wood glue and a saw. Some branches are also necessary. You can choose any thickness you want. Then you must have some scissors, pens and other materials that will help you at cutting.

pacman big
Cut the branches with a saw. You can choose to use ones with the same thickness or not. Time to take the cork sheet and trace the branch on the cork. Then cut it. You have to glue the old chips. Now’s the time to play. Let your fantasy free and play with shapes. Then give your new cork board the shape you want and stick it where you want. That’s all! Enjoy it now.

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Via:- Instructables