Oryon X TRON Shoes: A breakthrough technology revealed

Oryon X TRON could be called a “Meet of the Titans”.  Adidas, along with highly acclaimed and anticipated remake of the Disney film, TRON, i.e. Legacy from SDCC, has come up with the breathtaking idea of providing a new look – Adidas shoes with some glow in it. Oryon tech 1

However, the glow should not be called a cheap technology stunt.  It indisputably should be called an electrifying step, which would give a new era in the history of shoe designs.  The shoe glows in the same manner as has been reflected in the Disney movie TRON, that of alternate universe eerie blue.

No doubt, if you see the new looks of TRON designs lighting up and glowing without effort, it will make you wonder how on earth it is possible.  But the scientific mind in you would promp you to learn the secret behind the awesome glow, which is burning the space below you on fire with your electrifying steps.

oryon tech 2

The technology used to showcase the reflective material is a patented technology developed by the brains behind Oryon Tech.  The reflective material used in Adidas shoes are in fact lamps which are crafted from polyurethane and a newly formulated ink.

Oryon tech 3

Oryon Tech 4

The stunning glow in these Adidas shoes was achieved by discovering how to elimiate the stiff nature of conventional EL, thus creating a 180 degrees flexible electroluminescent lamp. The VP of  Oryon Tech revealed  these special shoes will be worn by the main actors and actresses from Tron Legacy on the red carpet for the movie premier in December. Other fashionable stuff includes: Star Wars Shoes and Pump Omni Lite shoes.

Via: Freshnessmag