17 Innovative Mobile Phone Chargers

All the techie gadgets that you carry along with you are no more just instruments of convenience but a style and status statement that defines, describes, and determines you. Many people judge you and accept /reject you on the basis of the gadgets you have in your pocket or hands. However, it becomes a matter of great embarrassment when in spite of having an expensive and stylish gadget you are not able to use it because of its drained battery.

In order to save you from such sticky situations we have brought to you some of the most practical and innovative mobile chargers that goes perfectly with your status and style. Some of these chargers are portable and can be used anytime anywhere, whereas some are still concepts and we wish they are out in the market soon. With these chargers we assure that you will never go “power-less”.

Solar Tree Charger

This solar mobile phone charger has a unique shape of a tree. Using photovoltaic cells the bonsai tree stores energy which can be later used to charge your mobile phones. The tree is not only aesthetically appealing but is also an excellent environmental friendly product.

Wireless Charger

It’s not necessary that you will get a charging point wherever you go. There are instances when you are not able to recharge your mobile phone because of unavailability of charging points. However, with the airvolt wireless phone charger you can recharge you mobile anytime anywhere without any charging point.

Rubic Cube Charger Concept

The Rubik’s Cube charger is a revolutionary idea that recharges your mobile phones using electric waves or electric magnetic induction.  Though still in conceptual stage, the rubic cube charger is definitely a unique eco-friendly idea to charge your mobile phones.

Zaggsparq Portable Charger

This unique portable charger is a charging unit on the go. Now you can charge you mobile phones anytime anywhere without the hassle of searching for a charging unit. The Zaggsparq portable is a must for all the frequent travelers.

Bracelet Charger

The universal bracelet charger provides unique practicality along with its stylish looks. The USB charger can be used anytime anywhere and moreover it fits easily on your wrist. Now you don’t need a long cord in between your mobile and charger as both can sit in your hands at the same time, without making you feel uncomfortable.

Yoyo Mobile Phone Charger

Half-Mobile Charger, Half-fun. This yoyo mobile charger allows you to play and charge your mobile as well at the same time. However, in this case the yoyo itself is the mobile phone and the charging is done when you play with the yoyo. This innovative idea is certainly stylish and practical.

Solar Jacket Charger

The solar jacket charger is simple yet innovative concept. The jacket consists of 4 solar panels at its back which stores solar energy when you are out in the sun. This solar jacket charger is a great portable charging device which can be used anytime anywhere.

Fueltank UNO

The fueltank UNO battery charger resembles a portable battery and in fact also works almost similarly. You just need to charge the device before taking it out along with you. The charger comes with several adapters, making it an absolutely multi-purpose device.


The powermat charger is an innovative wireless charger that can charge multiple gadgets at the same time. It helps you with a wireless and portable life, and can charge your mobile almost in the same amount of time as a conventional charger takes.

Parasync Charger

The parasync charger helps to charge 20 of your iGadgets simultaneously. No more waiting to charge your iGadget with this ultimate charger. Now though this is not a big deal, the parasync charger is something to look out for because of its simple design and practical purpose.

Freeloader Portable Solar Charger

With everyone running in the fast lane of life, it is difficult to carry all the gadgets every time. However, with this smart looking Freeloader Portable Solar Charger, you can now charge any hand-held device with the use of solar power. This durable and rust resistant charger is surely a relief for all those who live their lives out of suitcase.

Wireless Charger Concept

Mike Horton from University of Washington must have not imagined how beneficial this wireless device could to be for most of us. Though yet to be introduced in the market, this stylish and aesthetically designed gadget lets you charge three devices at a time without creating any webs of wire in your room.


This unique Chargepod is likely to be the latest attraction amongst all the geeks due to its three USB charging ports. With a black color and robust design, this device is sure to be a rage in the market. It can be easily connected to Mac or PC along with 4 other gadgets.

iPod charging Shoe

This innovative concept of iPod Charging shoe involves usage of a charger that is riveted to your shoes. Weird? It is indeed. Still in developmental stage, once launched this concept might be a hit amongst the crowd. Just imagine charging your gadgets by walking in these shoes.

Solar Rolls

Now traveling can be more fun with these solar rolls that help you charge your gadgets wherever you go. This device consists of rolled up flexible solar power panels and use solar energy to get charged. Even if you have to shell out an extra amount to buy these, you would be ready to buy the high convenience it has to offer you.

Clothes that charge your gadgets

Picture this: You are likely to receive an important call from your boss, there is power failure at your house and the battery in your mobile is on the verge of dying. You feel wrecked? Well, I don’t think I would be if I own this innovative fabric which consists of nanogenerators to supply power for charging small gadgets.

Micro Mobion Fuel Cell Gadget Charger

This marvelous compact charger is yet another design that lets you charge almost every gadget with the help of a USB connection. Equipped with a removable fuel cell cartridge, Micro Mobian Gadget Charger gives power for 25 hours which surprisingly is enough for charging a single device almost ten times.

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