Hide All Your Cables In A Clever Hidden Compartment Behind Your Flatscreen TV

Until we live in a completely wireless earth, a hidden compartment behind the TV is an excellent way to get rid of all those unsightly wires and cables.

If you’re like me, no doubt the sight of wires all crumpled up can be the cause of many a severe headache. This is where Dan Herchenroether’s design will come in handy in any modern household. It’s a great concept and with some practical implementing this could be the solution you were looking for.

compartment behind tv 2

Dan realized that, unlike the days of old when we still have TV’s in hidden compartments, today’s variety of flat screen TV’s are not unsightly at all. In fact, it complements many interior designs and saves space too. Everything else that goes with it, might just be a tad too much some times. So, he mounted his flat screen TV on a hinged board that flips up. He also implemented an “invisible” panel on the other side of the wall, granting easy access to whatever it is you want hidden. If you have any aspirations to build such a compartment for yourself, there are some steps you could take that would save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

compartment behind tv one

First of all, make sure the hinges and the panel you use are strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV. Nothing worse than mounting your TV on your brand new hidden compartment, only to see it shatter on the floor into million pieces a few hours later…

Also, give some serious thought to the ventilation of the said hidden compartment. If you use low power devices, it’s a step in the right direction. Even then, installing a computer fan in the compartment would be a great investment as well. Rather be safe and cool than sorry and crying over burnt out cables. Or worse, a burnt down apartment.

Give some thought to the remote access. If you’re merely building/having this built to get rid of unsightly wires then it’s all cool. But if, like Dan, you keep your DVD player and such in the hidden compartment, it might be wise to spare a thought to RF remote access. The remote sends radio waves to a receiver inside the compartment (or wherever the components are) and turns the radio signals into IR.

Sound: Do not put you’re speakers in the hidden compartment. I understand that you might be so sweeped along by the idea of a hidden compartment and just want to hide everything, but let’s not lose our minds here. Rather invest in nice looking speakers and wall mount them. As for the fire place, take preventive measures! Some warranties actually have a clause about TV’s mounted above fireplaces. Settle on a mantle or floating shelf instead.

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Via: Apartment Therapy