Now Order Food More Conveniently With The Cool “No Server Order System”

Getting bugged of calling the waiter all the time, at your favorite restaurant? And you want no more confusion whatsoever with your order?

Well then, all you need to do is, request your favorite restaurant to incorporate the cool “No Server Order System” which becomes a good choice as it is based on a electronic system, deprived of human errors!Electronic Menu

Table with Electronic Menu

The “No Server Order System” designed by Sang Hoon Lee, is a perfect modern system which eliminates everybody’s inconvenience as you order directly to the chef without any confusion and get the bill without mistakes while the waiter just plays passing the parcel with your order and bill. The System comprises of touch sensitive Electronic Menu Plates (4 in number) embedded in each table which gets initiated with the push start button and your order (with your table number) directly goes to the chef who receives it in the kitchen on the digital order receiver and also goes to the Digital Receiver at the the sales management counter. So you get your order correctly every time you order as humans are involved only for serving, and pay bills without any grievances. So, you’re impressed, right? me too.

Electronic Receiver (Sales Counter)

Digital Receiver

Auto waiter 4

Auto waiter 5

Auto waiter 3

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