Pocketbike i7 Casemod: Is It A Bike Or Workstation?

The PocketBike i7 Casemod lets you expose your love for biking and computing in a unique way. This mod is a distinctive instance of creativity in technology that has been combined together and designed by modder Saibot.

Pocketbike i7

He claims that there was just very little labor put behind this amazing creation and the amusing statement made by him is that although it took 5 months for him to bring the Pocketbike into notice, the real time that he invested for the making of this pocket bike took only 12 days! But he has gone in detail about the making of every part of the bike and the development of the idea of the Pocketbike. The reason behind naming this bike as a Pocketbike is the pocket size of the bike. Pocket bikes generally measure 40 inches long and 10~20 inches wide and this one too resembles the same size.

This amazing bike will not run on road but works as a superb computer that has 1TB of storage and 3GB of DDR3-1333 RAM. This pocket bike further integrates EVGA 9800 GTX+ graphics card, Asus P6T, 1x WD 500gb HDD, True120 + tricool, Corsair TX750watt PSU, XFX 8800 GTS, Intel i7 920 C0 stepping etc.

Pocketbike i7 Casemod

The presence of tires, 1 LED spot light, 2 neon under-car lights and 5 bright CCFLs remind us that this computer mod was once a bike. There are lots of more distinctive factors and features about this pocket bike that have lent it with every reason to steal more spectators and admirers.

The bike lovers have put their creativity to invent some of the cool concepts in biking like Batman Batpod that reminds us of the Batman, Jaguar Motrocycle Concept with Jaguar Face in the front that makes one feel like riding a real Jaguar, and Black Widow Steampunk Chopper.

Via: Technabob