Amazing Wooden Mouse Mod

You might have read in one of our articles before about several different mouse mods which mentioned the Wooden Mouse by AlestRukov. In this article, I will give you more information about it.

That’s right, it’s real wood. The design by Alest Rukov is very appealing, and is supposed to be ecologically sustainable since it is using natural materials. The wood selected is cultivated for industrial uses and is finished with linseed oil and carnauba wax as a protective coating. The internal circuitry is designed to be minimalistic so that it can be covered with a mask before the final layer of wood goes on top.
The wood finished mouse is compatible with all computers (PC, MAC) as a standard USB mouse without additional driver software. The mouse is also able to control sound volume without additional buttons.
The cord for the mouse comes either at 190cm, or 55cm, and is a flexible hard cable design, so that you can adjust the amount of give your mouse has when you’re playing those FPS games on your computer.
Either way, after four years of development and manufacturing, AlestRukov was able to come up with something of fine craftsmanship with a good bit of detail in a computer mouse. You can tell that the scroll wheel has text on it – one side says touchy, the other says gently.
The designs themselves look like they could have been crafted by an expert woodworker, but it is actually a really high quality piece of hardware. It functions at 1600dpi, and contains microswitches for over 1 million clicks.
These mice are available in Bubinga, Makor, Sapele and Ebony wood, giving you four different colour choices. Being from exotic locations like Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Sri Lanka, it’s obviously going to be pretty pricey. The mouse is between $996 and $1281 USD. So as nice as it is, it’s really only for people with the money to burn.

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