TokyoFlash Sport Mode – The Right Watch for Your Workouts!

Believe it or not, not everyone out there wants a sport watch that actually looks like a “sport watch”. Long gone are the days when we had to stick to analog and digital dials which rather looked geeky. With the TokyoFlash Sport Mode, you don’t have to feel like you are attending high school.

This hi-tech sport watch will actually make you feel all energetic once you are in the gym.
So what does this watch have?
The first time I looked at it I was bemused trying to figure what’s on the dial. For a while I thought that’s what TokyoFlash was all about – to create suspicious watches! But my opinion changed as soon as I read the manual which explained everything in detail about the watch. My instant reaction was “Wow! That’s what we call a watch of the 21st Century.”
Anyway, the watch comes with time display, health performance indicators, a body temperature indicator and a heart rate monitor. The best part is the way they have adjusted all of these features into a comparatively small dial digital LED dial. Yep, an LCD display backed with colored LEDs making it brighter and more accurate compared to all the other watches out there.
Here is an example of the way the user friendly manual of this watch tries to explain the complex design and functionalities in an easier way:
– Time is displayed on the right in the rectangular zone (Hours in the outer ring, bars of 5 minutes within the ring, and progressive single minute bars are presented diagonally).
– Body temperature and heart rate indicator are displayed through lines that progress upwards.
– Lastly, a big button is right in front making it easier for users to navigate the watch.

Apart from the functionalities, this watch is actually a chic piece to wear while with friends or on any casual occasion. I have always hated LED watches, but this one truly caught my attention because of its sleekness and style factor. It’s not a huge watch with shiny straps and lights all around it, making you look like Bumblebee from Transformers. It’s just like any other watch with better and much advanced features and feel!

The price however, was not mentioned, so we’ll stick to adoring the pictures of the watch!

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