An artistic impression of iPhone 4 Anatomy

When art meets technology, the anatomy of the iPhone 4, is the artistic impression of a Multimedia Artist Mads Peitersen from Denmark at his Deviantart page. The artist got heed for this creative illustration from the use of gadgets, particularly smartphones people are using these days.  Art meets technolgoy

In his artistic parody, Mads Peitersen (who also made the Gaming Controllers and Toaster Anatomy) was able to showcase, what is in the mind of people around and what is in his mind too.  Everyone knows that these gadgets are amalgamation of some chips and wires, but the artist in the illustration above wonders, what would happen if Smartphones today contain a human-like anatomy.

As the artist wonders in the painting above, Smartphones has become a sort of rage among people so much so that it has become a part of the human body. In the illustration, Mads was able to show liver, intestines along with chips and wires. The artist would have wondered what if smartphones too, most probably iPhone 4 could contain some human parts.  Or more so, these gadgets should be chipped in the human body or could become an essential part of the human body like our hands and eyes.

The Facebook symbol on the illustration perhaps depicts the popularity of Facebook platform among people as it has become a daily dose for people just as lunch and dinner are essential for living.  As far as I am concerned the illustration portrays a sort of warning to people not to pamper them by using these gadgets so much that people start to consider gadgets as human parts. Other worth mentioning gadgets include world of warcraft truffles and E-key.