25 Geeky Backpack Designs

Backpacks have seemed to become a rather practical fashion item these, as they are not used to just carry your school books anymore but with so many various themes, designs and styles, they also help geeks look cooler than many would believe.

Here we gathered 25 Geeky Backpacks that include Star Wars characters, Backpack concepts and even some fashionable ones for all your Geeky stylish needs or Tech Decor.

Star Wars Backpacks

It is no surprise that Star Wars has made the top of this list, for Star Wars = Geeks, and with the following backpacks, any Geek could really walk around in style.

Darth Vader Backpack

darth vader backpack geek theme

The evil Sith Lord has really found a place on your back, as the Darth Vader Backpack looks really cool and is not going to be too heavy to carry across the Galaxy.

C-3PO Backpack

c-3po backpack geek theme

While many believe that this droid is a little annoying, the C-3PO Backpack is a great Star Wars collectible that is practical in this day and age and is a fit for a boy or a girl.

R2D2 Backpack

r2d2 backpack geek theme

Here is another Star Wars character that is almost as famous as Darth Vader himself. R2D2 is making a great appearance in its own special geeky backpack and is a little wider than C-3PO, providing extra room for all your books, toys and more.


Chewbacca Backpack

chewbacca backpack geek theme

Everyone loves the hairy wookie from the Geeky saga, and this Chewbacca backpack could really set the standards in what backpack themes should look like.


Vader and Stormtrooper Hard Shell

star wars darth vader stormtrooper backpack geek theme

If you are a Star Wars geek but would like to stay away from the soft, plush and cuddly look, then these two Hard Shell backpacks comes in the style of Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper and simply look completely modern and wearable…even for a non-geek.


Yoda Backpack

yoda backpack geek theme

Most Geeks’ favorite Star Wars character is the green, mini and wise Jedi, Yoda. With his own Backpack, just like with Luke Skywalker, he can now hang on your back during your daily studies.


Geeky Backpack Themes

NES Controller Backpack and Messenger Bag

nes controller backpack geek theme

Here are two really cool ways to bring the NES into these modern times. Both the NES Backpack and the NES Messenger Bag sport the oldie but goodie NES Controller in the front and would not be overlooked when walking around town.

nes controller messenger bag geek theme

Spiderman Backpack

spiderman backpack geek theme

The famous Superhero climbs on your back with this colorful backpack and will aid you during your daily adventures.


Ghostbusters Backpack

ghostbusters proton pack backpack geek theme

It may not truly have a way to fight ghosts, but the Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack is designed like the packs the foursome wear when fighting the odd and funny ghosts.

TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack

teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack geek theme

With this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack it is easy to choose your favorite and have both room for your daily items and still show what an old school geek you truly are.

Shark Backpack

shark backpack geek theme

If you are a fan of Jaws, then the Shark Backpack theme kind of put the deadly Shark Jaws on your back but without hurting or really scaring any innocent bystanders.

Gizmo Backpack

gizmo gremlins backpack geek theme

As an ode to the classic Gremlins movie, this is the only way of safely allowing Gizmo to get wet, as you take it out in the rain while hanging on to your back.


Mac Backpack

apple mac backpack geek theme

This is probably one of the coolest ways to carry a Mac outside of the home without ever having to plug it in for it to work. It is a great Apple mod that uses an old Macintosh computer which is more than obsolete and turning it into a Geek’s dream backpack.

Lego Backpack

lego brick backpack geek theme

Don’t let the name confuse you, this is not made out of Lego bricks, but is simply a regular Backpack that is designed to look like a giant Blue Lego Brick many of us have grown on.


Giant Tarantula

giant tarantula backpack geek theme

This Tarantula backpack will probably help many get over their fear of Spiders, but then again…it is kind of going overboard. Not only is this an extremely large Tarantula, but it is also not real…so we wouldn’t want anyone thinking real spiders are this friendly.


Dragon Backpack

black dragon backpack geek theme

This Dragon would be a perfect Backpack for the goth geeks who like to wear all black.


Tech Themed Backpacks

Beat on the Block Backpack

drumming speaker backpack geek theme

The cool Backpack titled ‘Beat on the Block‘ includes innovative gloves which are used to drum on any surface, and the speaker in the backpack plays the sounds out. I am sure so many musicians and others would love to have such a cool way to sound out their daily frustrations.

Reppo Music Backpack

reppo music backpack geek theme

With speakers, music player connections and a completely geeky look, the Reppo Backpack is the way to go for a mobile musical experience.

Globetrotter Backpack

globetrotter mobile charging backpack geek theme

The Globetrotter Backpack is a definitely a traveler’s dream come true, as it is a one stop mobile charger built into a useful backpack. The best part: it is environmentally friendly and charges using Solar power.

Stereo Backpack

music stereo puff backpack geek theme

Not only does this backpack come with built in speakers like oldie boomboxes, but it is also sports the old Puffy jackets we seen back in the days.


Bonus Backpack Designs

Birdcage Backpack

birdcage backpack geek theme

For those that simply love birds and would like to carry their home birds with them when sightseeing, the Birdcage backpack is just for that…a cage built into a backpack.


Flakes Backpack Design

flaked backpack geek theme

Kind of like a combination of an Armadillo and a Turtle, this hard shelled flaked backpack gives a whole new look and different usability. The levels open up within one another as you would expect just by looking at it.


Earth Globe Backpack

earth globe backpack geek theme

This is a wonderful way to show your awareness of the Environment by a complete Globe backpack design.


Guitar Backpack

guitar backpack geek theme

For guitarists who aren’t always able to carry their guitar with them, the guitar themed backpack always keeps your 6 string strapped to your back, but without the actual music or possibility of it breaking.