Rounds Video Chat Interaction: Now on Facebook

Video chat has been around for quite some time, but with Rounds, video chatting has evolved into a conversation which is a lot more interactive, fun and long-lasting. rounds video chat youtube

Rounds Logo
Formerly known as 6Rounds, Rounds has redefined video chat by providing additional interactivity within regular video conferencing. Their main goal is to recreate real-life conversations through video, instead of just ‘catching up’. With their growing success, hundreds of thousands of users found how video chat could be an extraordinary experience which allows you to enjoy your time with your friends as if you were right there with them.

rounds video chat games

The Rounds platform provides a simple video chatting interface that includes real-time games, photography, Youtube Videos, Facebook sharing and more…all together with your chatting friend. By using Rounds, anyone can now enjoy watching a hilarious video with their best friend, play an interactive game with their relative overseas, listen to music with a loved one and even add some background imagery for additional spice. All this is in real time, with video chat and in sync with real-life experiences.

rounds video chat effects

While many have accused the Internet for making many individuals anti-social by keeping them from any real interaction, Rounds is helping to ‘bridge the gap of the offline and online worlds’. Users are not just having a conversation with their friends or relatives but can actually interact with games, music, videos and much more, so you can create brand new experiences together…Online.

rounds video chat gifts

With the newly launched Rounds, a new Rounds Facebook Application was launched, bringing this new video chatting experience into the World’s #1 Social Network. This of course includes the video chat service that needs no download, which includes the following features:

– take snapshots of your friends in the video chat and share together on Facebook
– browse friends’ profiles with a friend along with you
– watch videos together that you come across in Facebook
– play a number of real-time games against eachother
– join together on some brainstorming Whiteboard sessions
– browse Maps on Google and even…
– Play Truth or Dare with your friends.

rounds video chat truth or dare

In the end, Rounds is simply providing a platform for those who love the Online world but want a more meaningful interaction with their closest friends and family. Instead of just chatting with freinds, you can now create brand new experiences together right inside Facebook and in real time video.

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