The Keyboard Shoe – Who says keyboards are just for typing?

While it certainly isn’t for typing, this Keyboard Shoe is a masterpiece of art. As a writer, my first impression about the shoe was: ‘I would definitely wear those when I am totally pissed off by typing!”

I can’t really say that every other person would have the same view, but we must all admire the unique concept behind it. Don’t all of us always go for keyboards with soft keys to hit on? We all do and now we can use the same algorithm for our feet too. Yes that’s right, the softer the keys are the more comfortable our feet would be.

This Keyboard Shoe is actually something very exceptional that I can’t really say how good it would make a person feel while wearing it. Nor can I even state the main purpose of these shoes but the way the keys are designed and spread it surely looks comforting. My instincts tell me that these are not plastic keys but they are rubber ones and they won’t really function as the way they do on a keyboard. But who knows when someone can come up with a shoe that actually has keys functioning the same way. Maybe when you walk with them you will feel like you are actually tapping the keys on your keyboard. Or just maybe the shoe allows you to power on the keyboard and type anything you want to while at rest? Anything is possible with the ‘maybe’ being there but for now those are all imaginations.

The reality check here is that right now no one knows what this shoe is actually capable of doing so let’s just stick to the basic purpose of it. Yep the basic purpose of any shoe to provide a comforting base and a nice grip for all your activities. And I am pretty sure the shoe is capable of doing that. The base looks comfortable with those keys and I am guessing it’s a canvas, which means it would be ultimately comforting to the feet.

So to make things easier, for now I would just say that the idea of this Keyboard Shoe seen at the Grindstone is quite amusing and intriguing especially for people who are frustrated of typing every now and then!

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