“I’ve Been Slimed!” Ghostbusters Painted Woodblock Brings the Fun

When I first saw this Ghostbusters piece,  I actually mistook it for a piece of  papercraft art. You probably know the type from other papercrafts you’ve seen here on Walyou like this the Leon the Professional paper guy. As it turns out, my initial impression was incorrect. This is actually a painted woodblock of the classic Ghostbusters character. My bad.

This piece will actually be featured at the 3G show in LA. The original creator will be creating 3 in all, and basing them on what he calls the “Big G movies.” I wasn’t really sure what he was referring to, but he was nice enough to spell them out: Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Goonies! Venkman here doesn’t appear to be slimed, but the likeness to the original character is fantastic. The piece exudes the same snarky confidence we all know and love.

Looking for some other Ghostbusters fun? You can carry around paper Venkman in your official Ghostbusters Proton Backpack. There’s nothing quite like having your very own “neutrona wand” firing positively charged stream of protons that apparently attract ghosts and set them up for some good old fashioned trapping. You can complete the ensemble with the Ghostbusters Stormtrooper helmet featuring the notable character, Slimer.

Via: Xander