Don’t Mistake Teknines 9 MM Earphones For Bullets

The Teknines SIFR 500 18k, the most talked about creation of the MUNITIO, are the first ever earphones of its type that measures only nine millimeters.

Teknines 9 MM

Sporting a brilliant new design and concept and featuring some of the best specifications, these earphones have been able to create much sensation and interest among the spectators. Whether you name it as the features packed in these earphones or the gold plated external look, these nine-millimeter earphones surpasses most of its contemporaries in terms of usability. Priced at $250, the SIFR 500 18K earphones are high in demand these days as these are quite limited edition.

If  we speak about the external look of these 9mm earphones first, then the must notice factor would be its smooth design enriched and plated with 18k gold. Apart from the golden dazzle, the earphones come with a trendy and soft leatherette case as well. To ensure the originality of the product, it has been authenticated with MUNITIO’s sealed codes too.

Teknines 9 MM  headphones

Among the number of specifications sported by the Teknines SIFR 500 18k earphones, the must-naming ones from its functions are the copper-alloyed housing, the BassEnhancingChamber for great and crisp sound delivery without any distortions and damage, neodymium magnets attached with the 9mm speaker drivers for access to dynamic range and AccousticSoundFlowSystem for staying light and painless on your ears. There are more additional specifications of the earphones. Every single feature ensures easy handling and world-class delivery of smooth performance.

It is because the earphone has support for a frequency level of 12Hz-22kHz and a sensitivity of 98db +/- 3db at 1kHz, you can plug it to your walkman to enjoy scratch-free and smooth sound quality. But users of this earphone who want better sound delivery with better performance can also get the 24k Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plugs. The role of the SiliconeHollowPoints technology paired with the noise isolating specialty too is undeniable that made the earphones stood upon the expectations of the buyers and users. With a support for a maximum input power of 10mW, these will go well and are compatible with most of the Mp3 and PDA devices.

In addition to the features packed in these, it is the 18K gold plate design too that has raised the standard of these earphones to a great level. A great thing to flaunt your style and choice, the SIFR 500 18K Limited Edition earphones can be more likely your status-symbol as well.

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Via: Munitio