The Rocking Wheel-Chair

When you live life in the fast lane, the peaceful moments are few and rare. And when these moments do give a pleasant visit, you want to make the most of it.

To make the most of those serene hours at home a must-have is the new concept design called the Rocking Wheelchair. Now before you make any hasty assumptions about it from the name, let me clear the air by saying that it is not your typical “wheelchair”, the one that you might be familiar with. It is a rocking wheelchair and its exceptional design combined with functional use would make it a favorite among its users.

The Rocking Wheelchair is a concept by Mathias Koehler and a rather futuristic visualization of its traditional counterpart. The almost circular design could be the reason for the term “wheel” in the name. But besides the name, it doesn’t have anything common with a wheelchair at all. A big C-shaped chair best describes its architecture. The brilliant design does not only aim at providing a unique structure and concept but also in providing maximum comfort for the user.

Diverting itself from the design of the good-old rocking chairs, the rocking wheelchair is engineered like one big structure without any joints and separate rockers attached to the bottom of the chair. The back of the chair goes all the way up to form a curve. Instead of having a separate chair, the device has incorporated a seating place inside the huge C-curve itself, which includes a bottom seat and a separate back-rest. On top of the chair is a lamp provided which can be easily accessed while sitting on the chair.  The purpose of the chair itself is to have a design which flows without any barriers and conspicuous obstructions.

After you finish marveling at the spectacular design, the power source which lights up the lamp above is another thing which is sure to catch your fancy. The lamp doesn’t require any batteries and constant power-input in order to provide lighting. Instead the clever designing makes use of the rocking motion to charge the power source which is located at the back of the chair. So now not only you enjoy your time sitting and rocking but also help the chair charge the power source as well.

Architecture continues to surprise us and make our lives easier than how they have been. The Rocking Wheelchair is one architectural wonder which can turn the moments we spend alone at home into something we can look forward to in a day.

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