StumbleUpon iPhone App Says Not Only Search, StumbleUpon!

StumbleUpon, an internet community, is designed to help users discover new web pages and rate them accordingly.

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It is a personalized recommendation engine that functions by making use of social networking principles. What sets apart StumbleUpon, from other search engines, is that it can go beyond the search powers of traditional search engines by incorporating elements of social media. Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance, and Eric Boyd founded StumbleUpon in November 2001, which has grown up into a popular internet community in no time. It was owned by eBay from 2007, until 2009 when Camp, Smith, and several investors bought it back.

StumbleUpon uses an automated process and works by combining man and machine, i.e. human opinion and machine learning, a process named as ‘collaborative filtering’. It is basically for creating a virtual community containing all like-minded individuals that this process is used. The StumbleUpon toolbar has options of ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ which users can use for rating the sites. There are, however, options for one to leave comment as well and if you go through this process as a user of StumbleUpon then you will be tagged as Stumbler.

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You can find these exciting toolbar options in Mozilla Application Suite, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Opera and Safari users need not worry as these applications can be availed in those browsers as well. If you want to StumbleUpon the news you like from your iPhone, then Apple’s latest StumbleUpon application would let you do so.

With this iPhone application, you will not have to wait to login to your Computer system or laptop to StumbleUpon the stories. Social networking has become so fast these days that one would not want to miss out even a single event happening on Facebook, Twitter or even StumbleUpon. In such case, you can just get this free application downloaded on your iPhone and enjoy the power to stumble anytime, anywhere.

You can preview or see full article on your iPhone with the help of the latest application.

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