A Concept that Changes Lights According to Your Mood

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room’s décor. The way a room is lit up speaks volumes of the personality of the room.

An office space, for instance, would have bright lighting; the reception area of a five-star hotel would have soft ambience light; an art gallery would have focus lights on exhibits. The kind of lights we choose for our home décor gives an insight of our personality and moods as well.

Modern day lighting design, to a certain extent, gives users limited options. Wall lights can only be fixed in a particular position and throw light at a particular angle. Once fixed, they cannot be moved. As a result, the user has limited interactivity with lighting in their physical space.

French designer, Sylvain Bienvenu, has designed a concept lighting system that allows users to interact and change the lighting of a room according to their mood. In other words, Sylvain Bienvenu’s concept converts the user into an artist, and transforms the lights into a canvas.

Touch your Light, the title of the concept, is a rectangular shaped black monolith that has a sprinkle of tiny light heads on it; like a pitch black night with twinkling stars. Moving on from the poetic description, the lighting concept can be said to be inspired from the current ‘touch’ revolution in the mobile phone segment. The tiny shafts of light that are attached to the rectangular base respond to the touch of our fingertips. The user can switch on the lights or turn them off by simply touching them.

Touch your Light gives the user more artistic license than just turning on or turning off the lights. The user has control over each individual shaft of light. With this kind of control, the user can not only adjust the amount of light in the room, but can do the same in a variety of shapes: it could be a circle, a wave, or just an abstract figure.

The innovative lighting concept has a simple design structure. Two plastic frames, one at each end, support the flexible rubber-based body. The electric circuit that powers the lights is placed on top of the rubber body. Due to the flexible nature of the design, the user can install the lighting concept in a number of ways.

Touch your Light would probably look best when installed on an unoccupied wall in your living area.

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