Choose Your Sneakers While On The Go With Kicktionary iPhone App

If you think that Kicktionary is like any other dictionary, then I must tell you that it is an iPhone application designed to let you have a look at the new shoes regardless of the time and the place you are in.

Kicktionary iPhone App

The Kicktionary iPhone App is now available at your favorite iTunes store. Launched by Inari Mobile Technologies, LLC., this new app features a great collection of images and information about the things that people love. The new Kicktionary iPhone application gathers a selection of all your favorite sneakers in just one easy to use iPhone application.

You will be amazed to know that with its constant update, the latest version of this amazing app comprises over 250 pairs. This is not just an attractive application but also includes write-ups for an interesting sneaker feature. This Kicktionary app is a cool idea that helps sneaker freaks see a good collection of all their favorite sneakers in just one place. As many as 400 pictures of 250 pairs of sneakers can be seen at once at a price of just $0.99 with this superb iPhone application.

Kicktionary iPhone Application

The wide array of sneakers displayed in this application with detailed photos from different angles has made this application popular among users. This new sneaker based iPhone application displays a comprehensive selection of sneakers from different categories like Running, Basketball, Jordan, and many more. Kicktionary in fact displays high resolution images complimented by a backstory and technical breakdown.

Just swipe your finger across the image gallery of this app and you will get to scroll through various angles of the images displayed. You will be glad to know that the makers of this amazing application stated that this application is updated by latest sneaker models and their options in a full fledged iPad version. Stating that Kicktionary iPhone application is just like an encyclopedia for kicks won’t be wrong, as it features chock-full of images and information that ranges from name to make and also to release.

I must mention that at present the download of this application is free of cost. However, in future it might cost you a minimal price.

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Via: Nordicdenimhouse