Air Balloon with Glass Bottom is Terrifying as Hell

Rides in hot air balloons are getting increasingly popular and are great in demand. Whether it’s adventurous folks or the honeymooners, the idea of floating hundreds of feet above the ground level somehow has become appealing to everyone.

And why shouldn’t it? The view is breathtaking, the air is fresher than ever and you are so close to nature up there that it’s almost spiritually moving. Although people are used to flying in a plane, the experience of sensing the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes makes it much more lucrative than the been-there-done-that air travel.

As people gather the courage to venture a flight in the hot air balloon, which for some might be scary enough, a few with mighty hearts have thought of taking balloon rides to whole new scary levels. Thirteenth of August marked the day of the maiden voyage of the world’s first glass-bottomed hot air balloon, which also marked the beginning of a new adventure for people to experiment with.

The run-up to the 2010 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in the UK included the maiden voyage of the glass-bottomed air balloon. So what did that entail? Well basically it meant that besides the spectacular view that you enjoy while on the balloon, this one included a spectacular view beneath your feet. Imagine being somewhere between the earth and the heavens and seeing everything under your feet. Hair-raising experience right? With a glass bottom as the floor of the balloon the experience takes a turn from being adventurous to getting a bit unnerving. The pilot himself couldn’t refute the expressions of the flyers and said “”We’ve done tethered trials before, which usually end with passengers shrieking and screaming in fear, but this is the first time we’ve actually taken it to the skies unaided. It was a terrifying experience.” When the pilot himself is scared, you know it’s your turn to turn pale as well !

So is it adrenaline raising or hair-raising? Well the report card for the flying experience skews towards the scales numbered as horrendous, as more and more people describe it “terrifying”. The nature lovers might ridicule the idea of ruining the peaceful balloon ride but for people who like to live their lives on the edge, this might be another opportunity to inject a little fun serum into their daily lives. So for those of you wondering what it is like to see the world beneath your feet, it is time to gather your strength together and try it out for yourself !

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Via : Telstarlogistics