Tofu Lamp Isn’t Edible, But Very Bright

When I saw the title of this piece: “Tofu by Tokujin Yoshioka,” I immediately thought it was either some kind of specialized dish from Japan or a sculpture made out of stone that looks like a giant Tofu cube. As it turns out, it wasn’t either of those, but rather the Tofu lamp is “inspired by the tofu manufacturing process essential to Japanese food culture.” Put that in your lamp and light it. No wait, don’t.

As the creator points out, it doesn’t really look much like a lamp, but I take umbrage with the description that it looks like a “magical piece of light.” Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, here. I think it looks pretty cool, even with only a vague resemblance to tofu, but magical piece of light seems a bit over the top. Then again, given the price tag of $989.00, maybe over the top is exactly what they are going for here. I don’t know what the lamp is made of, but I hope it is something valuable because my wallet can’t take that much veggie dish lamp goodness.

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