Butterfly Pen Proves Pen Is Mightier Than Knife

This butterfly pen design will keep you writing in style, whether you’re hanging on the stoop or trying to protect your turf (aka cubicle).

The design includes all the flippy-flip possibilities of the real thing, but is far less dangerous and far more legal.  Granted you might have to be careful about when and where you use this pen.  You wouldn’t want someone to get the wrong impression.

We recently posted on a pen that does it all: writes, records, etc – but it looks a little bit more like some sort of alien side-arm, and hence is far less intimidating.  If you need something that is both long range and intimidating, you might be in the market for a Marshmallow Shooter. But, for close quarter cool this butterfly pen still dominates.

Imagine the ultimate level of coolness you can attain by having this little guy handy for writing memos, signing checks or playing hang man.  Add style to any situation in which you got to whip out your pen.  You can also use this butterfly pen to intimidate enemies in any office-warfare situations.

This pen measures 4.5 inches closed and 7.75 inches open, and comes standard with blue ink for only $9.99.  The overall frame is constructed from “close-tolerence polymere” and is hinged to allow you to swing, rotate, flip and twirl.  It seems like it would be a little more fitting if this pen were to come standard with red-ink, but maybe that’s taking things a little too far.  Imagine your high-school English teacher whipping this thing out to correct your papers!  Talk about knowing you’re in for a blood-letting!