MoonRider Flying Bike Concept Leaves You Dumbstruck!

In the ever-booming market for futuristic stuff, comes yet another conceptual comrade. Presenting the MoonRider, a concept for a bike that can fly. Yes, you read it right, a flying bike is what I am talking about.MoonRider Flying Bike Concept Leaves You Dumbstruck!-1

MoonRider Flying Bike Concept Leaves You Dumbstruck!-2

The MoonRider, which is still in its very conceptual stages, is a design proposed by Marko Design. Supposed to run on a plasma jet engine instead of a turbo jet engine, as most of today’s cool bikes designs tend to accommodate do, this bike joins the eco-friendly side with no emission since it requires only electricity to run. Now the question arises as to where can you get the eco-friendly electricity. But guys don’t forget, we are inhabitants of the 21st century and solar batteries are nothing new in the present day. The front of the bike is going to be made up of solar panels which will charge it up. And sunlight shouldn’t be a problem if the bike is supposed to be a flying one, right? On roads, the bike would be utilizing electronic motors for propagation and balance.

MoonRider Flying Bike Concept Leaves You Dumbstruck!-3

MoonRider Flying Bike Concept Leaves You Dumbstruck!-4

As for the design, this bike looks like something to die for or rather kill for, and I’m guessing these are what most biker gangs are gonna do, what say? If you like bikes, then you should not miss the Velo Handcycle Concept, which I believe is a good way to pump up your muscles, and the Jaguar Bike Concept, that is just hunk and can be yours if you don’t mind burning a deep hole in your pocket.

Via: Gizmo Watch