Robilliard’s Custom Muscle Bike – Truly AMAZING!

This is amazing! I never knew you can make a custom bike that would actually make you feel that Harley bikes are old fashioned these days. That’s what we call ‘A Super Muscle Bike’! That’s when we say that  modern bikes are better than old school ones. And that’s when we say, ‘We want it’!

All bikers out there would surely fall in love with this one. It’s a true masterpiece and I never imagined it to be real. We‘ve seen such bikes in movies like Torque and others, but to have them in real-life and knowing that someone has actually designed it – it’s a joy in its own. As a biker, I can say that this bike has made my day. Although I agree right now, I am a bit jealous that I wouldn’t get to ride it. Yet, I think the designer deserves a huge round of applause for his great work. There’s hardly anyone who can say that this bike is not ‘good’, or maybe there are  because it’s not ‘good’- its ‘superb’.

Hey, but don’t get too excited because this is just a concept, yet! It’s neither been produced nor to be in production anywhere soon. Right now it’s just a concept like all others we see. Concepts are good but seeing them in reality is a lot better. And I truly wish this one actually gets produced so that we get to see it in real. Would you drool over it when you see a biker ride this monster?

There’s nothing to it that’s not appreciable. The design, the huge tires, the sleek mid-body, the two huge silencers, and everything else are just beyond par. But then again, it’s a concept and everything when  assumed, sounds and looks good. It’s more like saying that if wishes were bikes, every rider would ride it!

What I particularly like about this bike concept is the fact that the bike looks well-balanced. The problem with muscle bikes usually is balance and maintaining it. Balance is quite difficult to maintain because of the bike’s heavy weight. But this one looks as if it can manage this part well. Good work Robilliard!

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