Concept Design for the Pulse ECG Watch

The title says it all. Tokyoflash shared a concept for a new watch designed by 14 year old Tomek from Poland. The design is innovative and the face of the watch resembles an ECG’s display. pulse1

There are three lines on the display, which indicate hours, ten minutes, and single minutes. The display works by showing peaks representing the actual time. For example, if there are 5 peaks either up or down on the first line, it is 5 o clock. Apply this to the rest of the lines, and you can get the reading for the full time.


The design is very cool; it’s sleek and the look is simple. The black and white motif is basic but makes the watch look really well suited for anyone in business and cool enough for anyone else.  It’s the perfect gift for any nerd looking for something new and creative to add to their look.


Not much information has been released with regards to the watch, but it would be nice to see some extra features apart from just the time-telling. It wouldn’t be too difficult to include a stopwatch, or maybe add a date display. Either way the watch does look good, and is relatively simple to use. It’s worth checking out, should the concept ever be put into production. With a metallic wristband and black and white display, Tomek did a remarkable job in appealing to a simple and attractive fashion trend.

The design was submitted to Tokyoflash for the design competition and judging by some of the comments and the overall look of the watch design, it seems to have done pretty well. Either way, it’s worth noting, so go check it out.

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Via Tokyoflash