Victorian Star Wars Portraits

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Or maybe an art junkie? Perhaps you’re into Victorian Fashions and Victorian Art. Either way, this one is definitely for you!
23-Year-old Greg Peltz is the technical director at Pixar and the artist behind these masterpieces where he transformed the well-known Star Wars characters into Victorian portraits. He did an interview with LA Weekly to explain some of the pictures. Just looking at Jabba the Hutt for instance, Peltz says that the concept behind Jabba as the robber baron type was commissioned to look like it was. Essentially he took a risk and it worked. He also learned that “Jabba was born to rock the whiskers.”
The entire set was done in Photoshop with a few preliminary sketches done beforehand. The designs are fascinating because they really are reminiscent of Victorian portraits. The one of Darth Vader was done in the style of Civil War portraits. Peltz says that Vader, if he were in the Civil war, would have fought for the south. His reasoning: “Because they lost.”
C3PO looks like a rather dashing fellow in this portrait. The clothing design is accurate for the era, and the features like Darth Vader’s helmet and Jabba’s cigar really represent the characters as how they would be represented in the Victorian era.
Boba Fett looks particularly impressive, and the explanation that Peltz gives is that after considering suggestions about Boba Fett’s coattails, the jet pack would obviously be steam-powered leaving the coattails immaculately pressed all the time. He even does a brother-sister portrait of Luke and Leia.
My absolute favourite image has to be Chewbacca, though. Needless to say, he looks very dignified, monocle and all.

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Via LAWeekly