“You killed Kenny” Doorstopper

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably knew what the quotation made reference to before actually reading this article. Instructables User BrittLiv came up with the idea to create a doorstopper shaped like Kenny from the South Park cartoon. Only, this version of Kenny is the more common, and ‘deadlier’ version of Kenny McCormick.

The doorstopper is modeled using Apoxie, Wood, and Sugru, which BrittLiv uses in a lot of his projects. While this may look like a lot of work, it definitely seems worthwhile, and is honestly not that intensive in terms of work.


After gathering all the materials, the body of the doorstopper Kenny can be sculpted out of either wood or modeling clay, and the Sugru joints can be attached to the body.



The blood background can be done in various ways, and adds a nice touch to the finished product. It can be made of sugru or apoxie to give it a nice finish.


After shaping the head, and assembling it with the rest of the body, it’s time to paint. You can paint it in the traditional image of Kenny, or you could customize it to look like a zombie Kenny. The sugru is used for the coat and the body so that it is flexible, and won’t damage any doors.



The final design looks really cool – it’s detailed, and the finish really looks creative, with Kenny dead, and a pool of blood pouring out behind him. The creator suggests that this design is flexible, and you can choose a different character if you like. Either way, it’s relatively easy, and you can be creative with it. It’s definitely a creative project worth undertaking, and also something that could occupy your time if you have the materials for it.

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Via Instructables