19 Geeky Stool Designs

Twenty out of twenty four hours, a geek is glued to his desk; working on some strange project. Months, weeks, days pass by, but you may find a geek still sitting at the same spot – working, eating, and even sleeping without a budge. Don’t be surprised. Geeks are supposed to be that way.

However, sitting at the same place for long hours is uncomfortable as hell for both geeks and non-geeks. What they require in such situations is a comfortable stool where they can sit and continue their strange activities for indefinite hours. But there’s nothing like having a geeky stool for a geek. Stools specially made to sooth his liking and interest will not only make him comfortable but also give much satisfaction and peace to his geeky heart.

We have brought to you some of the geekiest stools ever made. Pick one that interests you the most and suits your style as well.

Luxury Snake Bar Stool

For all those who love to collect furniture which is innovative, colorful, stylish, and something different, they should check out the “Luxury Snake Bar Stool” designed by Svilen Gamolov. This Snake Bar Stool, as the name suggests, has a shape of a snake.

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Calculator Stools

For all those geeks who cannot think of anything else other than numbers, then this “Calculator Stools” are a nice option for them. These stools are in the shape of calculator keys and are very comfortable to sit on.

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Rocking Stool

Everyone likes to sit on a rocking chair, so how about a rocking stool inspired by the same ? Sounds great, isn’t it? Designer Yael Mer’s “Rocking Stool” is definitely a classic piece of furniture to have in your house. The stool is comfortable to sit on and has a pair of feet supporters, shaped like slippers to increase your comfort level.

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Tumbler Stool

The “Tumbler Stool”, as the name suggests, is in the shape of a tumbler. This innovative stool might look a bit “unbalanced” in the first place, but they are one of the most stylish and smartly designed stools to sit on.

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Big Butt Stools

The “Big Butt Stools” must be the funniest looking stools you have ever seen in your life. Do you crave to have a perfect butt? Sit on these stools and it will really look like an extension of your body. Crazy but innovative and attractive.

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Stiletto Stool

The Stiletto Heel has become a style statement for all the females, so why not put this style statement in your furniture too. Designed by Alexandre Boucher this “High Heel Stool” or better called as “Stiletto Stool”, is extremely stylish and a true modern piece of furniture.

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Wiggle Stool

At first glance “The Wiggle Stool” looks like a mattress or a long piece of sponge folded into layers. This stool is definitely one of the most freshly designed pieces of work. The Wiggle Stool has got modern, sophisticated look which makes it a perfect piece of furniture for your living room, garden area, bedroom, or even for your office.

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Foot Stool

This weird looking “Foot Stool” is nicely made out of materials used for making Shoe and Socks. Men’s vintage leather shoes and argyle socks make up the legs of this stool, along with a fuzzy burgundy red bench on top.

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Custom Wooden Stool

This “Custom Wooden Stool” might look normal but it’s completely different from our conventional stool. This wooden stool has a butt like shape inscribed on the surface, which will provide the necessary comfort while sitting. Moreover, the stool is mainly made for men. Why? Have a look and you will understand.

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Giant Geeky Keyboard Key Stools

These “Giant Geeky Keyboard Key Stools” are perfect for those technocrats whose lives are empty without their computers. The stools are gigantic replicas of computer keyboard keys and come in beige and black colors.

Sheep Stool

This “Sheep Stool” must be completely different from any of the stools you have seen so far. This stool is actually shaped like a sheep and is made of sheep-skin over a body of jute cover, filled with wood shavings. Sheep Stool can be a great attraction for kids.

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Cool Pacman Game Stools

Pacman is undoubtedly the oldest and the most popular game of all times. Wouldn’t it be great fun playing Pacman game while sitting on this cool “Pacman Game Stool” and getting the real feel of the classic game? The stool can also be a cool decorative item for your kid’s room.

Mint Stool

The circular shape with a hole at the center is a famous design for making mints. How about having the same shape and design for you to sit on?  Sounds weird, right?  The “Mint Stool” is also round in shape and has a hole in the center – a bit uncomfortable, I must say.

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Giant Teacup Stool

Don’t pour your tea or coffee in this cup, you might not be able to finish it even if you were to take one whole week.  This “Giant Teacup Stool” as you can see is in the shape of a teacup, and comes in different colors and shapes. Definitely a cool stool for your home.

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Rolled Newspaper Stool

“Rolled Newspaper Stool” is one of the most innovative and easy-to-make concepts, and also the best way to recycle your newspapers. These stools are no more than just tightly rolled newspapers, tied up together strongly to support any kind of heavy weight.

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Cool Stools

For all those who love food, these “Cool Stools” are just for you. These crazy-looking Japanese made Stools are shaped like your favorite food items. Go and have a bite of your favorite food while sitting on it.

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NOOK Stool

The very first piece of furniture from VIAL, “NOOK Stool”, is a unique and beautiful piece of art. NOOK Stool is made up of one piece of the innovative plastic – VarioLine. Its sculptural appearance will definitely bring liveliness and style in your living room.

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The Brush Table and Stool

A first look on this coffee table and stool will remind you of your scrubbing brush. Designed by Jason Taylor this “Brush Table and Stool” which does not only look exactly like a brush but provides the necessary comfort as well.

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Inventive Pastoral Pumpkin Stools

This funky-looking “Pumpkin Stools” design is very attractive, hand-carved, and has supporting legs cast in gold finish. These funky “Pumpkin Stools” will remind you of Cinderella Fairytales, and are an absolute classic piece of furniture.

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