Paper to Pencil Converter Turns Wasted Paper Into Writing Utensils

Having worked in your average cubicle farm for a number of years (and having mercifully escaped from your average corporate hell hole), I can tell you with some certainty that most offers waste a ridiculous amount of paper. We probably throw away a forest at least every other day, begging the question: Can’t you do anything useful with that? Well as it turns out, you can, thanks to this P&P Office Waste Paper Processor!

Don’t ask me how this device works, because I really have no idea, but supposedly, it does. This machine will convert useless memos and old papers into something somewhat useful: A Pencil! I have no idea if this pencil will actually function or not, it doesn’t really say; but when you put the paper in, a pencil comes out. That’s all you really need to know. Besides, if you don’t have any paper lying around it can also double as a pencil sharpener. Wait a minute, do people still actually use pencils? Where do I buy my paper to pen converter or paper to iPhone memo converter? That would solve a REAL problem. My tangent aside, someone must have thought this idea was worth something, since it won a Liteon Award to go along with the concept (a what?)

If you’re wondering about the materials, you really won’t need much. Plug it in, get some pencil lead, electricity, glue, and TA DA! You have your very own pencil factory. I still don’t get how a pencil created from paper would have any resemblance to sturdiness, but far be it from me to argue. If you’re looking for some other wacky gadgetry, might I suggest this continuous pencil. You can never have enough pencils, and it will provide you with a perpetually fresh supply (I’ll have one for the one pencil I use every year). If you want something a little more practical, how about scanning your photos whenever, wherever? The Magic Wand Scanner is here for you!

Via: Yanko Design