Satan and Saddam: Together at Last in Bobbleness

Talk about a couple that was meant to be. Ever since South Park immortalized this couple (pun intended) it seems that we just can’t get rid of them.   Now, together at long last these talking bobbleheads are ready to settle down.

These two bobbleheads come in a specially designed PVC two pack.  The bobbleheads are mounted on matching pedestals (how cute!), and proclaim their love for each other. Although the couple seemed to have their first spat in the South Park movie: “Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”  you may remember that Saddam made his return in the series until “It’s Christmas Time in Canada.”

Obviously not even death can keep these two apart.  As Saddam, himself, notes: “Where was I supposed to go? Detroit?” According to Entertainment Earth, both Satan and Saddam can be together, at last, on your desk for $22.99

Granted somewhere something must have been resolved – after the whole fling with “Chris,” it’s no surprise that Saddam and Satan have gotten back together.  In fact, the whole thing has all the drama of a Hollywood marriage.  Entertainment Earth has reunited this dashing duo, immortalizing them in seven inches of plastic with wacky bobbly heads.  This is one “hell” of a collectors item for South Park fans.

If you are a fan of all things South Park related, you may want to check out the wide range of other bobbleheads available on Entertainment Earth’s website.  There is the usual bevy of bad things that can happen to Kenny – and so a bobblehead is only fitting.   You can check out the review of other South Park bobbleheads, and our recent Walyou review of a Kenny doorstopper.

I do sort of wish that this duo came with a more elaborate box.  The display box is light blue with that oh-so-familiar South Park background of snow-topped mountains.  I mean, and really, Saddam without suitcases?  Satan without his bed?  Not only that, but it seems to me like they could have included a few additional phrases to go along with the “I love you, Saddam” and “I love you, Satan” standbys.

Ah well, I guess you have to be careful what you wish for these days.