The Playing Card Shooter

Now, even you can be Gambit with this Playing Card Shooter. Yup, his power of throwing playing cards is fantastic right? Even you can do that now, but of course, you won’t be able to put in electricity or electromagnetic power on the cards. This Playing Card Shooter lets you throw playing cards up to 3 feet away without even flipping them.

Isn’t that cool? That is, for sure. I have always loved Gambit since I was a kid. If I were a kid now, I would have pestered my mother to get me this thing. Unfortunately, I am not a kid anymore!

This device can hold a deck of playing cards. All you need to do is to advance a card with your thumb, and the device will shoot it.

How does it do it?

It’s pretty simple – there is a pair of 1-inch (diameter) foam wheel that spins while gripping the card, and eventually, throwing it. The best part is that this device is faster than you can imagine. It doesn’t have a particular speed. The speed is totally dependent on your speed. The faster you do it, the faster it will throw the cards! The device is powered by two AA batteries, and is 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 ½ high. The overall weight of the device is 12 oz.

Now, isn’t that one of the best things we have seen till now? I know it’s not that highly useful but for fun, it is cool. In fact, if you love gambling or playing cards, this is a great thing to distribute the cards on the table amongst the players. Although I wonder if the cards being shot would be hard or not, it is a great way of dealing the cards. Besides, it is just for $19.95,which I think is pretty cheap compared to the work it does.

So if you ever wanted to become Gambit or a card distributor who can go on fast and impress everyone around, then this thing is for you. There is nothing more to it, but the throwing feature is pretty cool.

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