Superhero or Villain Hoodie: Superman, Batman and the Joker

Let’s face it, being a superhero requires a whole lot of responsibility.  Wearing a superhero hoodie, on the other hand, is all the cool without the muss and fuss of fighting crime.

There are a lot of us out there who thought, as a kid, that being a crime fighter would be awesome.  Cool gadgets, great costume, fame, and the girl.  Now, what we probably never thought about was all the late night phone calls from the Commissioner asking us to come save his ass (once again) because some super villain or another has (once again) reeked havoc upon the fair city.

Enter the heroic solution to this problem:  a costume hoodie that gives you all the style of the hero in question, without the responsibility.  Alternatively, in the case of the Joker hoodie, you have all the cool of a super villain, without the responsibility of having to hatch evil schemes, recruit henchmen, and locate a secret lair.

These hoodies provide the perfect homage to your favorite superhero (or super villain), at least from the three that are provided here: Batman, Superman, and/or the Joker. I do think that there is a great amount of potential here, and I wish that the designers had been a little more creative in their overall design.  I mean, what’s the point in having a Batman hoodie if you don’t have some sort of utility belt pockets?  Would it kill them to insert a special pocket for an iPod?  Likewise, with the Superman hoodie.  Where’s the cape?  Isn’t the hood kind of like a cape?

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but I think that you can see my point.  Aren’t we beyond just wearing another hoodie?  Shouldn’t our hoodies make a statement about our commitment to our heroes (good or bad)?

If you are a fan of dynamic hoodies, I would suggest that you check out the link to the HellBoy hoodie, which takes my suggestions seriously.  You might also be interested in the  Vulcan hoodie.  Either way, stay warm, stay cool, and don’t forget that even superheroes/super villains have to chillax every now and again.

Via: Fashionably Geek