Mini Helicopter UFO

As kids, we have all looked into the sky and seemed fascinated by the idea that we want to fly an airplane or a helicopter. And every time we would see a helicopter or airplane pass by in the sky, we would pretend like we were controlling it and play as long as it would be visible to our eyes. Well, here is the perfect product that will bring our childhood memories back and makes us very happy.

Japanese technicians have created yet another masterpiece. This product has been seen a lot lately flying around in the skies of Tokyo and have been named QFO mini helicopter UFO, as this helicopter doesn’t weigh any more than 9 grams. When this is in the sky, it legitimately looks like a spy has sent this to keep an eye on his enemies. This helicopter UFO naturally can be controlled by using a controller, and takes no more than four minutes to get into the sky and take over the skies.

This gadget comes as a piece along with the controller, and that’s it. There’d be no hassles of fixing a pair of wings or strings in order for it to function. The user with the help of the infrared controller can make it work right away. This product comes for a price of $62, and certainly is worth the price, as the return on this investment is all your childhood memories; and this could also be used as a great tool for creating a stronger father-son or parent-child relationship.

It also is a great gift to friends who are interested in such gadgets, as they obviously know how cool this gadget would be; and trust me, they will remember this gift and who gifted it to them for as long as they shall live.  It is also a great collectible, for all those people who are interested in collecting airplanes or helicopters.

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