Ultimate Dining-Pool Table

How many of us have had the thought that our dining table could magically turn into something else, like a gaming table, or something that can be used for many purposes? Well, here is a product that has been designed keeping just that thought in mind.

The product’s basic design is a dining table that can also be used as a pool table, whenever one wishes to play pool. Now playing pool is possible within your apartment and won’t even take up a lot of space. The table called, Koraltaruk Bilardo, is a masterpiece and will certainly keep a person glued to the table. If not that then definitely make a person look forward to dinner time or game time.

Many of us are unable to purchase pool tables for our houses keeping the financial aspect as well as the space aspect of our houses in mind, but this product has been designed keeping both these points in mind, because this table is a perfect fit in anyone’s living room, making your living rooms just so much more fancier and beautiful.

Pool is something that almost everyone enjoys playing either to relax or to hang out with friends, or to meet delegates over a business transaction, which can now be done at your apartment, within your comfort zone. There are several designs of this table available and each of the designs is unique in its own way. It will be very difficult to decide which design is the best, or which one you should bring home. Koraltaruk Bilardo comes in three finishes such as, the gloss finish, the satin finish, and the flora finish.

How does this work?

It is a very fancy design but has been made in such a way that is easy for everyone to operate and simply enjoy the pleasure of dining and playing pool. There are hinges on each side of the table that enable you to flip the hinges open whenever you want to play pool, and put them back together to use it as a dining table. It is just like opening a cupboard. It couldn’t get any easier.

So, if this product gets your attention, and you are one of those people who love playing pool on a sunny afternoon just to zone out and relax, then don’t think twice, because this has been made and designed keeping people just like you in mind.

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Via: Freshome