Superman and Batman Superhero Cufflinks

Well, if you are a true Marvel fan, then you might want to add these cuff link designs to your collection. But the ones who are not, I am wondering how they would feel about it. They do look a bit kiddish I agree to that; but again, the whole superhero craze that was there back there in the 80s and 90s is back again. So, wearing these cufflinks once a day won’t surely hurt! Moreover, your kids would be happy to see daddy wearing superhero cufflinks.

Right now, these cufflinks are only available with Superman and Batman symbols, but they might make more if these really sell out. Here is a brief description of each of the cufflinks:

Superman Symbol Royal Rectangle Cufflinks:

Well, with the dark blue background, and the red and yellow Superman symbol, these cufflinks look absolutely cool. But I wouldn’t say that they are the best ones you can wear to work. They might be good enough for casual occasions, but formal attire and these cufflinks, ewww!

Batman Symbol Cammo Cufflinks:

Nickel-plated, oval-shaped, and a camouflage background scheme – pretty unique, I must say. The black symbol in between with the greenish camouflage scheme is for sure an excitement. But I am wondering how Batman(-ish) these cufflinks actually look. Well, you can answer that one yourself once you have them.

Superman Silver Oval Chrome Cufflinks:

These are decent and sober! Oval-shaped, nickel-plated, and the silver background with the black Superman logo make these cufflinks look totally awesome.

Batman Begins Symbol Cufflinks:

Now, these are the most sober and wearable ones! Believe it or not, I think they are the only cufflinks above the rest which can be worn on formal occasions as well.

General Description of the Cufflinks:

All these cufflinks are nickel-plated, and symbols are embossed. The face of each cufflink is about .75 inches wide and .25 inches high. Each pair is available at a price of $24.99, which I personally think is pretty inexpensive. You don’t necessarily have to wear them, but you can keep them as collector’s item as well.

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