RIC Android Robot Looks Cute!

The Life-Size Android Robot is one of the many interesting products showcased at the Google Developer Day Tokyo.

android robot

Known as, RIC Android, this robot looks similar to a cute mascot for Google’s OS. The interesting thing is that this life-size robot is the first of its kind that actually runs on Android software. For those of you who wish to know what Google Developer Day Tokyo is, let us tell you that it is a one day event in which you get the best of opportunities to learn more about Google Developer products. Moreover, you get the chance to meet the engineers who work on them. This event deals with mobile and web technologies such as HTML5, Android, Chrome, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and many more such things.

This amazing looking life-size Android robot seen in the Google Developer Day Tokyo is about 1.3m high and weighs about 14g. This new robot is a creative development of Japan-based robot venture called, RT Corp and Android developer, Brilliant Service. This innovative robot can walk, speak, and even wave his arms like a human being.

This robot has been made with Android-based 15 joints, and each of its joints can be controlled via W-Fi through any cellphone. This cool invention took 60 days to complete its formation. The credit for its detailed description goes undoubtedly to Robots Dreams, which also gave a detailed description of its construction process. In fact, Robots Dreams’ Chief Editor, Lem Fugitt was himself present with his invention at the Google Developer Day Tokyo.

andro robot

Looking like an earth-friendly robot, this life-size robot has been painted green. It was believed that this robot was tested during the Google Developer Day Tokyo that took place on September 14th, 2010. Lem Fugitt also shot a video of this RIC Android at the Google event to share its functioning with those interested to know about it even on the Internet.

An interesting thing observed in this life-size Android robot was that its head moves separately, and has two horns that make it look like an alien. Also, considered as a humanoid, this Android robot was instantly installed in a green tub like thing by the experts in the video shared by Lem. The experts then controlled it through a laptop, and it raised its hand as if waving to the onlookers at the event.

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Via: Crunchgear