Convenient Waterproof Keyboard

Liquid is the enemy. That’s always been the case for our computers anyway. Drinking near the computer has always been a hazard, and let’s face it, since most of our lives are spent around this thing, we are bound to eat our meals around it too. With this, there are two main concerns. The more obvious one is the risk of spilling your drink all over your keyboard and rendering it incapable of functioning. The second concern is less dire. The more you eat around your computer, the more crumbs and guck start to build up underneath the keys. The idea of it is just unpleasant. wet keyboard This waterproof computer keyboard presents a solution to both these problems. Being waterproof, the threat of spilling your drink on your keyboard is immediately removed, which is a great function. To top things off, this keyboard is completely dishwasher safe, which means cleaning it comes as easy as cleaning any of your other dishes. There is also the added bonus of the keys having been laser etched, which means that it won’t fade in the wash. The keyboard is protected against water (including salt water), solvents, disinfectants, humidity, abrasives, dust, corrosives, dirt, sand, shock, alkaline, alcohol, bleach, acid, and even temperature extremes. With all these perks, it seems almost silly not to buy it. Although it costs about twice as much as a normal keyboard, it would also probably outlast any of your replacements anyway, which makes it worth the buy. You could eat around your computer with ease, though that’s no excuse become careless. This keyboard is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and is selling at £39.99 icon. keyboard For more keyboard fun you can check out this uncomfortable yet cool keyboard chair or this colorful luxeed U5 dynamic LED keyboard. Via: Firebox