Make a Fashion Statement with Verbatim’s USB Paper Clip Memory Drive

Among home and office stationery supplies, paper clips are like pawns in a chess game: always at hand to do your bidding, but never taken seriously, and always the first sacrifice. If you need to clip together office documents, a paper clip is always at hand, and will never let you down. But if you are asked about your favorite kind of stationery, paper clips would probably not even feature in your list.

Paper clips have toiled and toiled over the decades only to be rewarded with ungrateful and abusive hands. Enough is enough the clips have decided, and have gone in for a full-glam makeover that will arrest the attention of stationery users. Helping the paper clips realize their glamour potential is Verbatim – a company that markets innovative storage media and flash memory products.

Verbatim has released a fabulous looking USB drive that can also function as a regular paper clip. In lieu of the USB drive’s ability to transform into a paper clip at will, it has been christened ‘Clip-It’. Verbatim’s USB/paper clip memory drive is so good looking that it could even be used as a fashion accessory (and not the geeky kind).

The very first feature that will impress the user is the size of Clip-It: as big (or shall we say as small) as a cufflink. Let the flea size of the drive, however, not fool you. The fashionable Clip-It can hold up to 4 GB of digital data and look glam-cool while doing so.

Designed by Arman Emmai, Clip-It is available in a rainbow variety of colors – metallic blue, sunshine yellow, soft pink, sunset orange, nature green, pure white, and slick black. Clip-It is rectangular shaped and can be plugged into the USB slot of any desktop or laptop. The only thing that differentiates the USB drive from its competition is an added incision in the middle of its flea-sized frame. This incision allows Clip-It to clip loose sheets of paper together and function as a paper clip as well.

With this innovative USB drive, Verbatim may have succeeded in carving a niche for its product in the highly competitive, and cluttered, flash memory storage segment. Clip-It has received the Red dot ‘Best of the Best’ award 2010, which will definitely not hurt its marketing potential. The fashion conscious USB Drive is currently retailing between $12-15.34.

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Via: Engadget