16 Funny Wall Hook Designs

When we talk about wall hook, we think about a small crooked object drilled into the wall of our homes. Technically, yes, it’s just a trivial piece, which can easily miss anyone’s sight. And even functionally as well, it just hangs your stuff upon itself – the maximum it can do is to help you. However, if this is what your thought process about wall hooks, then let me tell you, it’s going to change forever from today onwards.

If you think you cannot drill wall hooks in your living room because it would drop the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interiors, think again. If you think a hook is a bland, ugly-looking piece of object, think again. If you think a wall hook can do just one function – hang your stuff, think again. For we have brought to you some of the most amazing wall hooks ever designed and used. Wall hooks which will make you go “wow!” Wall hooks that would make you say “I want that!” Wall hooks which are not just wall hooks, but great trendsetters in themselves.

Dart Coat Hooks

Dart and pool are the most basic form of entertainment at any pub. Now you can have few of those fun moments at home with these “Dart Coat Hooks”, which will bring back the memories of your last visit to your favorite pub. The “Dart Coat Hooks” are perfect accessories which will not only enhance the popularity of your place but also serve as coat hangers.

Ninja Star Coat Hook

For all you Ninja movie lovers, here’s “Ninja Star Coat Hook” which looks exactly like those shuriken that are used as weapons by samurais in ninja movies. Now you can flaunt your ninja collection with the Ninja Star Coat Hangers and see the reaction on your guest’s face.

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Wall Mounted Hand Hook

If you’re looking for a hook which can be mounted on walls easily and will stand apart from others, then take a look at this magnificent “Wall Mounted Hand Hook”, which not only leaves your wall with a different look, but also acts as your ideal wall hook, key hanger, or change holder.

Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack

If you are bored of those mundane looking hooks mounted on your walls and need something different which will turn all the heads towards it, then this “Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack” is a right choice for you. This rack comes with one doll’s arm and two doll’s legs screwed to a vintage mahogany. It is great for hanging your coat, necklaces, keys, and is strong enough even to hold umbrellas, purses, etc.

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Puppy Butt Wall Hooks

“Puppy Butt Wall Hooks” are wall hooks in the shape of dogs butt. I would say tacky, but innovative. Moreover, it would look a bit out of place in a conventional home.

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8-bit Hand Cursor Hangers

8-bit Hand Cursor Hangers” are ideal for home walls of geeks. This hanger is inspired by the good old pixilated mouse-pointer, and it really looks a cute hanger to mount on your everyday stuff. Now you can add one more collectible in your home which will go perfect with your geeky personality.

Clothes Hanger Lamp

You can now bring some style and fun in your closet with this “Clothes Hanger Lamp” which has an instant light installation. You can light up your room and also keep your clothes wrinkle-free by hanging them in style on this Clothes Hanger Lamp.

Giant Pushpin Wall Hook

We all must have used pushpins to hang our important notes or photo above our desks. Now make a great impression on your guest with this wacky “Giant Pushpin Wall Hook” which is perfect to hang your coat or umbrellas. These “Giant Pushpin Wall Hooks” are chic and come in attractive colors.

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Tracking Hanger by Ferran Lajara

Tracking hanger is designed by Spanish designer Ferran Lajara, who has made a unique and eye-catching model because of the technique of climbing and reaching your jacket. This Hanger are placed several meters above the floor, and transforms the wall in a little mountain that needs to be climbed every time you have to get your jacket. Cool isn’t it?

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A Toilet Plunger as Your Coats Hanger

Why have single purpose tools when you can turn those into multi-purpose gadgets? Confused? Here is a perfect one; this coat hanger is made out of a toilet plunger which can even be used in your toilets.

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The Airplane Hanger

The “Airplane Hanger”, as the name suggests, is a hanger in the shape of an airplane. This wall hanger is definitely a clever design and was created as a tribute to the closing of Berlin’s famous Templehof Airport. These cool aluminum airplanes are just in the right size and shape for hanging up your leather jacket or any coat.

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Epic Atari Controllers Coat Hangers

Atari is said to be one of the pioneers of gaming consoles, arcade games, and home computers – who can know this, better then a game lover. This cool design of “Epic Atari Controllers Coat Hangers” created by artist Felipe Morales is a perfect accessory that is definitely retro and colorful enough for gamers’ homes.

Classic Arcade Joystick Coat Hangers

This “Classic Arcade Joystick Coat Hangers” are designed for the lovers of the classic arcade retro games in order to bring back the old school spirit back in their lives. These hooks are handcrafted and only the most genuine arcade parts are used. The hook comes in different colors, so you can choose your favorite one.

Flip Flop Wall Hooks

Bored of those dull looking hooks? Now transform your room and welcome the summer days when you replace your boring, traditional hooks with the “Flip Flop Wall Hook”. Each hook is shaped like a flip-flop and comes in different bright colors.

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Giant Paper Clip Wall Hook

Paper clips are one of the greatest inventions of humankind (Ask working people). It can do many things other than holding your paper together. Need to open up a lock? Paperclips are there. Got to diffuse a bomb in hurry? Paperclips might be handy. Need to hung up your coat in style? Giant Paper Clip Hook – yes, you heard it right! This “Giant Paper Clip Hook” is mounted on walls and you can hang anything on it; be it your coats or bags.

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Grossy Shoes Hanger

Have you ever imagined hanging your shoes on the wall with the help of a hook? Sounds weird right? But here’s “Grassy Shoes Hanger” with a small grassy portion with adjustable hooks to hang your favorite shoes with style. These hooks make a really cool way to project your shoes because foot wears have their own place.

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