Shogun Warriors Beast King GoLion Jumbo Voltron Figure

Well, there was a time when Voltron and Optimus Prime were on a war. Fans used to fight over which one of them is much better. But, with time, Optimus has beaten Voltron, and one major reason for that is because the folks who created Voltron never really bothered to bring him in the limelight.

We (fans of Voltron) still wait for that one Voltron movie to come out, but we don’t even hear about it. Anyhow, if you are a depressed Voltron fan, then this Voltron figure is for you.

First off, this is a limited edition figure. You might want to buy it as soon as possible, before anyone else does. Rest assured, once you have this figure, you would actually feel like you have the real Voltron in your house. Why? Simply because it is HUGE!!! It stands 27 inches tall, that is approximately 2 feet. Yup, that’ right, nearly the height of your 2-year old.

This limited edition Shogun Warriors Beast King GoLion Jumbo Voltron Figure is one great toy for your kiddo’s next birthday. Not only your kiddo, even you can have it for yourself if you have been a fan of Voltron in your childhood. Moreover, this one is a licensed product which of course adds to its value.

Why should you buy it?

Like I said, if you have been a Voltron fan, then this figure is an absolute must-have. It is made of sturdy plastic that for sure can last for at least a decade and more if you keep it well. The figure comes with a number of multiple parts of articulation to make your Voltron look much more realistic. With one arm being red and the other green, with one leg yellow and the other blue, this Voltron figure is better than all others out there. That is simply because this one has the old-school Voltron look that you can’t find in most of the Voltron toys. Besides, you don’t really get that big of a Voltron figure in just $249.99, do you? Don’t wait if you want to buy it, because there only 500 pieces on sale. This is only your chance to show your alliance with Voltron so go on!

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