Robocop’s Pistol Brings All the Cyborgs to the Yard

Although the original Robocop movie is over 23 years old, the movie still seems to have a certain appeal to those of us that remember when it first came out. Entertainment Earth has out-geeked itself again by providing this prop replica of the Robocop Auto-9 pistol.

In the original movie, this pistol would have been holstered inside Robocop’s right leg.  This resin molded reproduction comes with its own shadowbox display case, just in case you don’t have a built in holster of your own.   Propmasters on the Robocop design team built the Auto9 on the body of a Baretta 93R, giving the pistol a deadly, futuristic look.  At a total length of 14” this piece of Robocop memorabilia is sure to bring all the cyborgs to the yard.  Thanks to Entertainment Earth it only takes $109.02 to own your own replica.

A little refresher course on the original Robocop movie will remind you that it took place in Detroit, and that Detective Alex Murphy was pretty much killed by the baddies before he was recreated into Robocop.   Although we have yet to see a true cyborg there seem to be plenty of signs that a real-life Robocop may not be too far away.  Night vision, drones, advanced body armor, GPS – one can easily imagine the tools for creating a living robot cop already available.

In fact, there are a variety of robotic devices already being used or tested for police service.  If you’re interested in seeing what’s out there you might check out the CRAB robotic cop or the Kanibot Spider Cop. Granted neither of these guys live up to the ultimate coolness and badassness of Robocop.  I mean, the reincarnated Alex Murphy (AKA Robocop) had a pretty severe bone to pick with criminals – seeing as that he’d already been killed by them once before.

On the downside, this piece was only produced in a limited edition of 1000 units, and according to the Entertainment Earth website, they are already out of stock.  Do not lose faith, though, it’s more than likely these props will show up on eBay sooner or later.  Or, hopefully Entertainment Earth will reissue this replica.  At least finding one of these limited edition replicas on eBay is cheaper and easier than being turned into a cyborg cop.