ELPH Vehicle Makes the Future Look Good

Rizki Tarisa’s ELPH all-terrain personal commuter vehicle provides relief in a technologically advanced but increasingly congested world.elph 2025 vehicle 1
All the bustling metropolises of today are overcrowded and congested, and different cities attempt to tackle the problem differently according to their ability and infrastructure. A lot of the major cities in developing countries are facing the problem of a sudden exponential hike in the number of automobiles, which are causing problems for city planners everywhere. This just doesn’t threaten to affect the speed of transit, but also contributes to pollute the atmosphere. What we need is forward-thinking innovation.

elph 2025 vehicle 4
That’s where conceptual artists like Rizki Tarisa come in. Rizki has designed the ELPH to tackle problems like parking difficulties, noise and air pollution, public transport inadequacy, loss of public space, and traffic jams. The vehicle is designed for the year 2025, when Rizki envisions a world with breakthroughs in efficient fuel consumption and technological advancements like sensors, computer-aided driving, and enhanced safety systems.

At first sight, the ELPH seems to have borrowed inspiration from the numerous motorcycle rickshaws that can be found in cities like Jakarta, Indonesia, which is where the artist was born and bred.

elph 2025 vehicle 3

Just like any good concept, Rizki has thought of almost anything when it comes to the ELPH. The vehicle provides a spacious interior for one occupant, with an emphasis on comfort. Due to its rear all terrain wheels, advanced suspension, and ability to tilt, it can tackle all road conditions. Integrated hydrogen fuel cell powered motors in the rear wheels also allow for in-wheel driving.  The doors have smart fingerprint detectors, which would eliminate the need for keys, and the small boot has enough space to squeeze in two weeks worth of shopping. With so many goodies, we can’t wait till 2025 to own one of these, can we?

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