Snooze the Animal Farm

Tired of the monotonous tring-trings and the annoyingly generic jingles? Do you wish to be awaken by “natural” sounds as if you were in the country side? Then, wonder no more as the new Farmland Clock brings tranquility and peace to the monstrous grogginess crippling you after a good night’s sleep.

Life in the city is difficult, ailed by noise pollution and insomnia. So, sometimes one just wishes to be whisked away to a kingdom far far away just so that one can catch some Z’s. Alarm clocks being the bane of a many happy sleepers, slumber and alarm clocks might just get along with this ingenious yet simple invention.

With a large LCD display for displaying time, it is shaped like a miniature farmhouse with a farm, done in bright yet soothing shades of orange and green. And, in order to turn off the alarm, one has to remove the animal corresponding to the din from the picket-fenced ‘pasture’. A fusion between craft and utility, it is surely going to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Reasonably priced at £14.99 and with its moos, baas and clucks to wake you up, it would surely make an excellent addition to your sanctuary of slumber and thought. Though, there is room for improvement as oinks have not been included in this model.

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Who ever said waking up was not fun?