A Printer Hanging Over The Edge

While our Processing Units and Monitors have shrunk over the years, becoming more compact as well as efficient, it is still common to hear complaints about the printer. Often, especially when office spaces are minimal, the printer occupies a lot of space.

This is because it is bulky and often takes half the desk space and its sheaves of paper seem to form clutter in its vicinity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to complain about the size of printers, especially since office spaces downtown come so expensive. It is about time that the printer doesn’t just get sleeker and ink-efficient but also compact and spatially resourceful.

Concept designers, recognizing this need, have been toying with the idea of L-shaped printers for a while now. But the latest and perhaps most viable of the lot, is the design by Jaesik Heo. His design of the printer is shaped like the alphabet ‘L’ akin to its innovative contemporaries. The Hanging Printer dangles on one edge of the desk such that only the buttons and the mouth of the printer can be seen on the desk. So there is no bending or doubling over required to collect the printouts as you might anticipate. The rest of the machine is suspended by the fore’s hold on the desk, which is sturdy. The hind consists of a ‘bucket’ for stacking a wad of print papers into. It is spacious, convenient and most importantly, cause disorder by taking up too much real estate.

The design has, additionally, made printers sleeker than ever! They look glossy, chic and are definite eye-grabbers. Flaunting them in the office or home space is a sure honor. The design is innovative, modernistic in its approach, and the work a genius, in its truest sense, owing to its utility as well as simplicity.

Apart from all these fantastic features, at its core, the Hanging Printer does its job well too. It is very compatible with the various computer systems in the market and it takes the beginner no time at all to get used to handling it. The design of the printer has not compromised with any of its fundamental qualities such as reliability, time efficiency, and ink usage.  It produces printouts of superior class that enables it to be used in offices, educational institutions, homes, and even by graphic designers.

Once undertaken by a reliable manufacturer, this one is sure to be revolutionary. In short, it is ‘over the edge’.

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Via: Yanko Design