Marty’s Color Changing Hat Brings The Future To Your Wardrobe!

The cap Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future 2 is for sale on for a mere $21.39! The die hard fans will have no problem remembering the multi-colored hat.

For those not so familiar with the story line, I’ve touched upon it briefly in my article about the DeLorean Hovercraft. Marty’s friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, aka Doc, invented a time machine called the DeLorean DMC 12 which could go back in time once reaching speeds of 88 miles per hour. The first movie was based in 1955, with Marty accidently going back in the time machine car and altering his present living conditions.

The first movie ends where he is reunited with his (newly improved) family, and Doc speeds off to the future. The doc returns with what seems like bad news; he came back to pick Marty and Jennifer up to set something straight with their kids in the future. The DeLorean is not longer a car, but a hovercraft. Also, the plutonium that powered it made way for nuclear fusion; Marty raised the objection that the future doesn’t exist yet therefore no roads. So with the famous words “where we are going, we don’t need roads,” the hover craft lifts off and they fly off 30 years in the future.

marty cap

It is in this future where we see the Famous color changing Marty Cap. Multi colored and in your face. It is hard to say how many colors it consists off, but it sure is shiny, bright, and changes constantly. It is a wearable prop replica from the Back To The Future Franchise and is made from ultra reflective fabrics and Velcro closures.

In the movie, the year 2015 was portrayed as some far fetched advanced future with lots of gimmicks and gadgets we don’t have as everyday household items yet. Five years from the date, and we do have hoverboards these days, but unfortunately no flying cars or flying skateboards. At least we have Marty’s color changing cap. Luckily it is a once size fits all, thanks to the adjustable Velcro closures at the back.

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