iApeel iPhone Skins: Make Your iPhone All About You

The iPhone has so many cases, skins and various designs that keep popping up left and right, but if you are looking for a simple way to customize your iPhone’s look and give it a personal touch, iApeel has provided a simple and creative way to do so.

iphone 4 skins iapeel

iApeel are Inkjet Printable Skins that allow you to become the artist of your iPhone; This means that your iPhone can have its truly unique look that says what you are made of. As you would expect from an Apple iDevice, now you can make it all about you.

The provided instructions are easy to follow and you can get your own design and artwork to cover your Apple gadget in minutes. iApeel knows how not everyone has surgeons’ steady hands, so their entire kit is made to create a simple process for you, which both kids and adults can manage with.

Their software directs you through the steps, where you can paste your preferred design within the template, see where the artwork matches the skin and even print a practice sheet…to make sure we are not wasting a given skin. After preliminary tests are green lighted, you can print an actual skin within your regular Inkjet printer. But don’t just go sticking it on your iPhone…iApeel wants you to get it just right.

The actual print makes it easy to allign your iPhone correctly, so as you actually stick the skin on…it remains straight, alligned and results in beautiful, custom artwork. Of course, you could always add the extra touch by adding your own screensaver and image for where the screen is, so the skin is part of an entire image. For example, a picture of a family outing, a few friends or a loved pet.

The result is fun and refreshing, but there is one part that will always be difficult in this process, which is deciding on what design you want your iPhone to take up next. for those without iPhones who are still interested in such fun skins, iApeel has many variations that include additional iDevices, Laptops, Gaming devices, different phones, MP3 Players and more. With a number of skins arriving in each package, it is a cool way to keep your gadgets artistically fresh.